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OPS – Corrections Ministry Employee Relations Committees (MERC) Team Listing

OPS – Corrections Ministry Employee Relations Committees (MERC) Team Listing

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Ministry of Children Community & Social Services Youth Justice

Committee Minutes

Peter Harding, Chair, Local 337
C: 905.373.6738

Michael Fallon, Vice Chair, Local 290
C: 905.454.5000 ext. 5344

Johanna Sinclair, PO Representative, Local 314
W: 705.329.0455 ext. 203

Ministry of Children Community and Social Services Youth Justice Health & Safety E.R.C.

Committee Minutes

Tom Gibson, Co-Chair-YJ,  Local 220
W: 519.426.3561

Paula Van Dusen, Vice Chair, Local 290
W: 905.454.5000 ext. 5327

Lizanne Leclair, Member- PO, Local 629
W: 705.564.7121 ext. 214

Ministry of the Solicitor General (Corrections)

Correctional Committee Minutes

Chad Oldfield, Co-Chair, Local 234
C: 905.399.1222

Janet Laverty, Vice Chair, Local 108
W: 519.272.5057

Peter Figliola, Member, Local 234
C: 416.566..0309

Adam Cygler, Member, Local 229
C: 416.848.1996

Scott McIntyre, (P&P) Member, Local 633
C: 705.477.1931

Ministry of the Solicitor General Health & Safety E.R.C.

Health and Safety Committee Minutes

Ryan Graham, Co-Chair, Local 234
W: 905.878.8141 ext. 2415

Michelle MacLean, Vice Chair, Local 248
W: 905.523.8800 ext. 280

Joely Price, Member, Local 369
W: 705.549.9470 ext. 2100