Full Time CAAT Support Divisional Meeting 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019
To Sunday, October 6, 2019
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Full Time CAAT Support Division consists of the full time employees in the community college support staff bargaining unit represented by OPSEU.  Under OPSEU policy the Full time CAAT Support Division is entitled to one meeting of the delegates of their division per year. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together members from the CAAT Support locals across the province to discuss matters of common interest and formulate policies and positions on matters of concern to our members and promote those ideas within the union. As well as to advance the common interests of members in the community college division.

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PDF icon call_out_-_full_time_college_support_divisional_meeting-kw2_eng.pdf 200.74 KB
PDF icon 18.4_college_support_full_time_negotiation_procedures-eng.pdf 3.89 MB
PDF icon 2019_divisional_meeting-caat_support_july_31_2019_delegate_entitlement_c.pdf 278.76 KB
PDF icon caat-s_full-time_-_english_credentials_attestation_form.pdf 132.68 KB
PDF icon caat-s_full-time_-_english_advance_form.pdf 148.99 KB
PDF icon caat-s_full-time_-_english_human_rights_accommodation.pdf 133.61 KB
PDF icon memberportal-quickintro-.pdf 762.6 KB
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PDF icon 18.4_college_support_full_time_negotiation_procedures-french.pdf 429.49 KB
PDF icon 2019_divisional_meeting-caat_support_july_31_2019_delegate_entitlement_c.pdf 283.89 KB
PDF icon caat-s_a_temps_plein_-_french_advance_form.pdf 117.87 KB
PDF icon caat-s_a_temps_plein_-_french_credentials_attestation_form.pdf 114.08 KB
PDF icon caat-s_a_temps_plein_-_french_human_rights_accommodation.pdf 105.05 KB
PDF icon call_out_-_full_time_college_support_divisional_meeting-kw2_fr.pdf 270.64 KB

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