In addition to its members in the college system, OPSEU/SEFPO represents a large number of members working in universities and boards of education


OPSEU/SEFPO members who work within the broader public sector belong to one of 17 sectors, according to the area of work in which they are employed. The role of the Sector is to promote and advocate the work being done by the members of Sector 3, Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions. The elected Executive meet to discuss the concerns facing the Education sector, then develop plans on how to support members at the provincial and local level. The support includes social media communications, political action, targeted campaigns, member education, requests to the President’s office to bring forward the concerns facing education workers to the Premiers office and or respective ministers office and member mobilization. OPSEU/SEFPO represents close to 8,000 members working in boards of education as educational assistants, child and youth workers, designated early childhood educators, autism support workers, deaf blind interveners, lunch monitors, early childhood educators, clerical workers, IT specialists, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and ESL, among others. The Cultural Institutions membership are Gallery Attendants, Art Installers, Art Technicians, as well as others, who work at Galleries and Museums.
Sector 9 represents 6,066 members working in universities in 37 bargaining units throughout Ontario. We are professional and support staff, faculty, librarians, technical workers, special constables, and food and support services staff at post-secondary campuses.