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The main units in Sector 20 are within the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which regulates alcohol, gaming and cannabis in the province. There are approximately 450 members. The other main unit is the Dairy Herd, with approximately 100 members.
OPSEU Statement – ‘Essential Services’

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OPSEU Statement – ‘Essential Services’

Today, the Ford government announced the province will be stepping up the state of emergency to include the operation of…

OPSEU files Charter challenge against Ford’s ‘blatantly unconstitutional’ wage-cap bill

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has filed a Charter challenge against Bill 124, the law that violates public sector…

2019 BPS Conference elects new divisional executives

The BPS Conference and Divisional Meetings 2019 was held November 15-17. It ended with the election of new divisional executives,…

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