Long Term Care Facilities

Sector 8 has 32 locals and approximately 3,500 members. We monitor changes in legislation, funding relating to long-term care, retirement and related facilities, as well as health and safety for our members. We also offer support to our locals.
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Long Term Care sector executive

Joan Corradetti
Email: twins92@gmail.com

Shannon Nolan
Division/Sector Executive
Email: shannonnolanL214@gmail.com

Terri-Lyn Long
Division/Sector Executive
Email: cedarlane29@hotmail.com

William Stanton
Communications Co-coordinator
Email: Bill06071978@gmail.com

Julie Graham
Division/Sector Executive
Email: julie.g1978@hotmail.com

Allison Shand
Division/Sector Executive
Health and Safety
Email: alikkat1@gmail.com