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OPSEU/SEFPO members who work for the ministries and agencies of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) provide the services that Ontarians depend on every day to keep our communities safe and improve our quality of life. We are the backbone of every public service the province of Ontario provides: education, health care, social services, public safety, transportation and infrastructure, labour standards, food and water safety, consumer rights, protection of the environment and natural resources, and human rights and accessibility, to name just a few. The Unified Division of the OPS includes most of the OPSEU/SEFPO members who work for the Ontario Public Service, with the exception of the Corrections Division.
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To all OPSEU/SEFPO Local 546 TSSA safety inspectors: Well done on a successful first day of the strike for safety! The show of solidarity from everyone today sent a strong message to the TSSA that we stand united and focused on achieving a fair deal. The TSSA has spread misinformation of what was in their...

Join us at information pickets and rallies across Ontario to demand a fair deal for TSSA Safety Inspectors! Keep an eye on this page for our weekly picket schedule. Friday Aug.12 Kaleed Rasheed Constituency Office Time: 9am – 1pm Address: 315-1420 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Mississauga Imperial Oil Time: 10am-2pm Address: 1150 Finch Ave. W, North...

The following email was sent to all OPSEU/SEPFO Local 546 TSSA members on Friday, July 15: To all inspectors: The TSSA emailed all safety inspectors today at 3pm with what they are calling a “final offer”. To be clear, this is not a real final offer – it is their latest offer – and your...

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OPS Unified members of OPSEU are represented at the government-wide level by the Central Employee Relations Committee (CERC). Meet your CERC team!

There are also Ministry Employee Relations Committees (MERC) who represent OPS members of OPSEU at the ministry-wide level. Find your ministry’s MERC team!

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