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Ontario Council of Educational Workers (OCEW)

Toronto – OPSEU’s leadership says the contempt that the Ford government and school boards are showing for education workers is not going to be tolerated. OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says these dedicated workers are essential to Ontario and yet they are among some of the lowest paid public service employees in the province. “The...

Opseu at edu rally

During the tense countdown CUPE’s school strike over the weekend, CBC News reported on the large number of OPSEU members and leaders rallying in support of educational workers. “We represent education workers as well .… Not only are we out in solidarity and support, but what happens with CUPE certainly would have a profound impact...

Children's Aid Societies

Prescott-Russell – The OPSEU members who work at Valoris, an agency that provides a variety of youth and adult services in Prescott-Russell, have said loud and clear that they’ll go on strike for fair pay and to protect the services they provide. “The health of our communities depends on us being able to deliver high quality...

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