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How to file a harassment and discrimination complaint

How to file a harassment and discrimination complaint


General information

OPSEU’s Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy (HDPP) exists to encourage a climate of tolerance and unity among members.  It addresses, but is not limited to:

  • allegations of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code, i.e., discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.; and
  • personal harassment that is unrelated to the Code, e.g., repeated and offensive conduct related to verbal abuse, public humiliation, etc.

This policy applies to all OPSEU members (active, on leave, and retired) and for all incidents that may occur during any union-related duties, activities and functions, for example local meetings, Convention, educationals, or conferences.

If a member feels that he or she has experienced harassment or discrimination during a union event or activity, the member should contact the member advisor assigned to the event as soon as possible.

Advisors and investigators

OPSEU members are selected to help administer this policy.  Individuals are trained to take an active role throughout the complaint resolution process.

Advisors provide guidance to the complainant or respondent regarding the policy and complaints under it. They may act as advocates and may also serve the role of mediator between the parties. They may help complainants or respondents complete the necessary forms required to file or respond to a complaint. Advisors all work to encourage resolution at every stage of the complaint process, where appropriate, including before a formal complaint is filed.

Investigators are responsible for investigating allegations set out in a complaint. Where the investigator finds that harassment or discrimination has occurred, he or she will recommend suitable remedies.

Downloadable Documents

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy

HDPP Procedures Manual

List of Advisors and Investigators

HDPP Complaint Form (scroll down to “Human rights forms and documents” section)

HDPP Response Form (scroll down to “Human rights forms and documents” section)