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We Own It

Maybe you’ve notice there’s something wrong in our communities. Highways aren’t being plowed.  Long waits at hospitals. Inadequate care for our most vulnerable. The problem is privatization.  Our money isn’t being reinvested in our communities.

Communities across the province are realizing public = better. Because when it’s public, We Own It. We built. We paid for it. We Own It!

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I support Safe-Cannabis Communities


Belleville – Long wait times for health care. Sky-high hydro rates. Dangerous highways. Young people leaving in droves.
Supporters of public services will rally outside a major privatization conference Monday to highlight a new poll showing that more than two-thirds of Ontarians want to keep their public services pu
Protecting people and communities from privatization isn’t easy.
Leading a delegation of We Own It supporters and mobilizers, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas threw his support behind the provincial Keep Transit Public campaign during its launch on Oct.
Privatization hurts all Ontarians, but it's especially damaging to rural communities.
Brockville - Long wait times for health care. Sky-high hydro rates. Dangerous highways. These are just some of the consequences Brockville is suffering because of privatization.
More than 30 people came together in Barrie last night for a town hall meeting about protecting their communities from the damage done by privatization in hydro, correctional services, and health c
Brockville - Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) will join 104.9 JR-FM host Bruce Wylie live on the air for the Brockville Rotary Fall Food Drive