Be part of a New Common Sense Revolution, the OPSEU way


We’ve only had Doug Ford in the Premier’s Office since the end of June and I’m already fed up with him, we need to bring some common sense into the debate.

We all remember two decades ago when the Conservatives grabbed a hold of the words Common Sense, tacked on Revolution and went on to ravage education, health care and public services.

Times have changed and we at OPSEU and most Ontarians who support good public services should rally under our own common sense banner to put the brakes on this new Conservative revolution.

We haven’t seen anything so far from Ford and his entourage of Harper retreads that shows any common sense.

Scrapping the College Task Force: Where’s the common sense Doug?

Shrink Toronto City Council just months before a municipal election: Where’s the common sense Doug?

Use the notwithstanding clause to override a court decision that doesn’t go your way: Where’s the common sense Doug?

Allow cannabis to be sold in private stores despite the fact most medical and law enforcement experts have made it clear the public model is the smart play: Where’s the common sense Doug?

Yes Ford’s approach lacks any common sense. It’s an unappetizing stew of rash decision making based on personal vendettas and corporate lobbying.  It’s a dish that Ontarians won’t swallow in the long run.

OPSEU is already appealing to the common sense of elected leaders in this province.  We’ve sent letters to mayors and other municipal leaders to use their common sense on how cannabis is sold in their communities. We’ve told them to use their common sense and fight for the plan endorsed by the experts and just say no to Doug’s.

We’ve also sent letters to Conservative backbenchers, appealing for them to use their common sense when they vote for the bill to downsize Toronto council.  Doug’s way will create a mess and will Ontarians be any better off?  No way.

You can be part of OPSEU’s Common Sense Revolution.  Send your nearest Conservative MPP an email or write a letter.  Tell them to use their common sense and their votes in the legislature to set some ground rules for Ford and his unelected Harper puppet masters.

It costs next to nothing for you to constantly remind our government that crept into power with less than half the vote that you are the voter and you are the boss.  It’s not revolutionary, but it is common sense.

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