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Social workers help keep Ontario healthy

Social workers leading positive change across systems and settings

In Canada, Social Work Month and Week are celebrated in March, with the weekly celebration being from March 2 to 8. OPSEU is proud to support and promote the professionals and agencies that work so hard to keep Ontarians healthy.

Social Workers are employed in a wide variety of settings: hospitals, community health centers, mental health clinics, schools, advocacy organizations, social and family service agencies, child welfare settings, correctional facilities, social housing organizations, family courts, employee assistance programs and private counselling, and consultation agencies.

OPSEU has over 20,000 members making a difference in all of these workplaces. We know that without social workers our communities wouldn’t have the tools, settings, knowledge, or compassion needed to ensure our growth and healing. We are thankful for the valuable contributions of all social workers, which often happen under dangerous and stressful conditions.

In March, tell a social worker how important they are. Or use one of these helpful tips from the Ontario Association of Social Workers on how to celebrate this important occasion.


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