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OPSEU Waypoint member

In an in-depth report, The Midland Mirror spells out the terrible consequences of the dangerous conditions that OPSEU members face working at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. “You can’t drag somebody out of their room, fight them, jab a needle in them, and then try and provide passionate nursing care the next day,”...


For years, OPSEU and OPSEU members have been fighting to have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) recognized as a serious problem in workplace mental health and safety, particularly for frontline workers. We’re proud to say the pressure is working. Some frontline workers – including paramedics, correctional workers, probation and parole officers, police, and firefighters – are...

Zero Discrimination, illustration of pink butterfly

It’s 2019 – any discrimination is too much discrimination. So today, the UN’s Zero Discrimination Day, we reaffirm our union’s commitment to eliminating discrimination in all its forms.   Discrimination is a scourge.   The people targeted by discrimination are robbed of dignity, equality, and opportunity. In other words, they are robbed of a fair...

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