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Ontario Public Service Employees Union Community Health Care Professionals

OPSEU/SEFPO is disgusted by Victorian Order of Nurses Sarnia’s disrespect for their low-paid, essential, front-line community health care staff. Twenty-four nurses, members of LiUNA 3000, have been on strike for the past two weeks. What they want is not extravagant. They are asking for a 1% wage increase and overtime pay, as well as sick...

Canada's Rand Formula / La Formule Rand du Canada

Have you ever heard labour activists talking about the Rand Formula and wondered what it is? The Workers’ History Museum has you covered! In less than half an hour, this YouTube video tells the story of how a 99 day strike by auto workers in Windsor ended in a historic Supreme Court decision by Justice...


We – along with OPSEU/SEFPO’s entire Executive Board – stand in solidarity with the farmers in India who are leading one of the largest protests in history. India’s BJP government is relying on a divide-and-rule strategy by inflaming religious, ethnic, class, caste, and gender differences. It recently passed a series of new agricultural laws that...

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