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OPSEU joins protest again Bill 195

Union workers in Sault Saint Marie, including OPSEU members made the pages of the Sault Star today.  They were protesting the Ontario Government’s illegal Bill 195. Health care workers from OPSEU, Unifor, CUPE, and the Ontario Council of Hospitals/CUPE began their demonstration on Wednesday outside local MPP Ross Romano’s constituency office. Bill 195 replaces the provincial……

OPSEU urging LCBO to return to normal hours

In a Toronto Sun article today, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says there are no reasons other than corporate greed and desires of privatization for LCBO stores in the province to continue closing on Mondays. Since the pandemic began, sales are up significantly and the LCBO profit margins are higher with a six rather than……

OPSEU President: Bill 195 is a needless infringement on workers’ democratic rights

Statement on Bill 195 from OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas: Throughout the pandemic, Ontario’s front-line workers have stepped up. But Bill 195 threatens to interfere with OUR constitutionally guaranteed collective bargaining rights. Workers understand that this pandemic has changed the way we have to live and the way we have to work. We understand the……

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