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Minister replies to PWC’s Child Advocate demand

The Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services has responded to a letter from OPSEU’s Provincial Women’s Committee (PWC) demanding the reinstatement of the Ontario Child Advocate. Although the minister, Todd Smith, writes that “our government is working with the Ombudsman to better support the children, youth and families that interact with them,” he doesn’t……

PWC demands Child Advocate be reinstated

In a letter to the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, OPSEU’s Provincial Women’s Committee (PWC) is demanding that the Ontario Child Advocate be reinstated. “According to the former advocate in charge of the portfolio, Irwin Elman, his office represented children and youth who received child welfare services, youth with disabilities or mental health……

Let’s COLD call our MPPs!

Doug Ford’s government is cold. Whether they’re slashing health care, cutting and privatizing public services, or trying to get out of bargaining by capping public sector wages with Bill 124, they’re colder than February in Ontario. Hold your MPP accountable – in their own backyard! Ford’s PC MPPs are pretty brave when they’re in Toronto……

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