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Equality Day: four hands holding in center

Every year on April 17 Canadians celebrate Equality Day, which marks the day that Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was signed along with its landmark provisions guaranteeing equality under the law. The “equality provisions” were enshrined in our laws to ensure that everyone is entitled to the same fundamental human rights – the right...

Pay Equity Now. 30 years and still waiting. OPSEU Developmental Services.

OPSEU represents two bargaining units: Unified and Corrections. Each unit is responsible for bargaining its own pay equity plan. Unified has begun this process before the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, pursuant to Appendix 34 of the collective agreement, and the Terms of Reference, as agreed to by the parties. Under both agreements, two committees are...

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OPSEU’s Hospital Professionals Division (HPD) pay equity team is made up of the following member representatives: Sandi Blancher (Local 106), Betty Palmieri (Local 206), Susan Head (Local 464), Peggy Burke (Local 662) and Bryan Mitchell (Local 570). The employer team is made up of the following representatives from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA): Clarence Willms,...

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