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Hydro One Not For Sale rally at Liberal MLA Deb Matthews's constituency office.

Sir Adam Beck spent his political career fighting for affordable hydro. On Aug. 15, several dozen Londoners gathered to pay tribute to Beck on the 92nd anniversary of his death. As We Own It mobilizer Amanda Picott told Newstalk 1290 host Al Coombs: "Beck had a dream, and his dream was hydro at cost. Today,...

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Toronto – The sale of a further 20 per cent of shares in the once proudly public Hydro One is piracy, not policy, the President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union said today. “The sale of Hydro One was always intended to transfer a treasured public asset to private investors for the sole purpose...

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Ange Thompson is with the OPSEU-supported Hydro Not For Sale campaign. She tells radio host Craig Needles that the Wynne's government's latest scheme to quell criticism is just another shell game. She says that if Wynne were serious about helping Ontarians, she'd stop and reverse the sale of Hydro One. Click here to listen to...

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