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We the North

The Provincial Young Workers Committee has released the final video of its provocative campaign to encourage young people to vote in the federal election.  The PYC, with the encouragement of OPSEU’s Executive Board and the Central Political Action Committee, decided that the best way to get the attention of youth was through something humourus and……

We the North

As part of its campaign to encourage young Canadians to vote in the upcoming federal election, OPSEU’s Provincial Young Workers Committee has released a provocative music video featuring its signature song, Don’t Vote. Performed by Ottawa-based band Arms of the Girl, the catchy, upbeat tune uses a strong dose of irony to hit home the……

We the North

The Don't Vote campaign, led by OPSEU's Provincial Young Workers Committee, is rocking to the beat of a new anthem. Carolyn Côté, lead singer of Arms of the Girl, Professor at Algonquin College, and OPSEU Local 415 member, crafted the song's lyrics in the Don't Vote campaign's tongue-in-cheek tone. (Full lyrics below) The catchy tune……

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