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If you have produced transcripts and have not received an election package from the Ministry of the Attorney General and / or have been contacted by OPSEU for additional information, please note that OPSEU requires your information no later than March 31, 2015. This information is required so that OPSEU can determine what further steps……


This is a reminder for all Group C members for the Hunt et al MOS, that the deadline to submit your election package to the Ministry is Friday, February 6, 2015. The Ministry has advised us that extensions will be permitted, but you must contact the Ministry in advance of February 6, 2015 indicate that……


The Ministry of Attorney General for many years had been treating OPSEU members who were producing court transcripts as independent contractors.  It has always been, and remains OPSEU’s position, that this work is bargaining unit work with all of the related benefits of the collective agreement attached to it.                                                                                                              The Hunt et al grievances were……

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