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On March 25, the world commemorates the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  The United Nations General Assembly designated this day to create awareness and acknowledge the suffering, trauma, and oppression inflicted on more than 400 million Black men, women, and children of African descent. “We have……


Wednesday, March 24, the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, is a day that sadly hits close to home. The protection and guarantee of human rights have not been respected, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Affordable healthcare, for example, is a fundamental……

OPSEU/SEFPO commits to end racism, today and every day

Sunday, March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, an opportunity to acknowledge the existence of racism in our society, highlight the damaging consequences of it, and commit to putting an end to all racial inequities. The United Nations established this day in memory of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in South……

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