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Showcasing OPSEU’s long track record of success 

What do we mean when we say OPSEU offers you the strength of experience?

We mean that for decades, OPSEU members have worked together to push for and win meaningful improvements to the vital services they can offer to children, youth, and families.

At the bargaining table. In the community. And at Queen’s Park.

Here’s just a small sample of material showcasing our long track record of success:

A persistent and powerful voice with government

Your employer is Strides. But Strides depends on investment from the Ontario government to fund the vital services you provide. That’s why OPSEU is a regular and respected presence at Queen’s Park.

A strong leader and ally in the struggle for proper autism services

Stronger communities through stronger public services. It’s not just a priority for OPSEU and its members – it’s the priority: