Globe and Mail exposes government consideration of paid blood donation

Save our voluntary blood system!

Following efforts from OPSEU/SEFPO’s No Paid Plasma campaign partner, BloodWatch, to unearth information about the undisclosed agreement between Canadian Blood Services and the pharmaceutical giant Grifols, the Globe and Mail has written a piece confirming that the Ontario government considered lifting a ban on paid blood donation. Read the full article on the Globe and Mail website.

Send a message to the CBS Board and Canada’s Health Ministers to keep our national blood collection system voluntary and public.

Stop for-profit plasma collection now!

What should CBS leadership be doing?

Invest in public plasma collection

Hema-Quebec has shown that investment in public voluntary plasma collection is key to self-sufficiency. Australia, too, has reached almost 60% self-sufficiency, with just 2 plasma-only collection centres, by upgrading the majority of blood collection centres to collect both plasma and blood – an easier, faster transition.

Instead of throwing money at a private company, CBS should invest in plasma collection centres and upgrade more blood donation centres so they can also collect plasma.

Protect plasma donors

Private plasma companies have a history of exploiting vulnerable communities. Their predatory practices target young people and those facing financial difficulty. Canadian donors should never be treated as a source for private economic gain.

Respect the Voluntary Blood Donations Act

The Voluntary Blood Donations Act bans payment for blood in Ontario. The exemption allowing CBS to pay donors was meant for emergency circumstances; not as a legal loophole to sell off Canada’s plasma donors to private companies!

Stop the secrecy

CBS cannot be allowed to quietly privatize Canada’s blood plasma. CBS is accountable to the public. CBS must uphold their mandate to treat blood and plasma as a public resource: Cancel the deal with Grifols!

"Plasma, just like whole blood, is a public resource that must be safeguarded for Canadians."
- Canadian Blood Services, 2017

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