Social Mapping Project

We the North

The Social Mapping Project (SMP) is a ground-breaking demographic survey and review of OPSEU membership systems.  Launched in 2010, it was the first of its kind. It has since allowed OPSEU to identify gaps and barriers by providing the necessary information to ensure services meet the needs of all its members.  The SMP was also a response to the changing demographics of Ontario and the need for OPSEU to plan, improve and monitor its services to the membership, specifically to the groups of focus identified in the study.  New priorities, programs and policies have been centred on promoting greater diversity.  This move towards increased inclusion has resulted in a better understanding of the composition of the membership and workforce, and in turn, has placed OPSEU  on the map as a leader in human rights. Here is a quick timeline of the work:

  • 2010 – Phase I of the project included a comprehensive survey of all OPSEU members.  Almost 27,000 members participated.
  • 2011 – Phase II examined the education and election membership systems at OPSEU and made recommendations for improvements.
  • 2012 – Recommendations from Phase III were released with a focus on reviewing the union’s communications, bargaining and organizing systems.

For more information about social mapping achievements and resources like Executive Summaries of the Social Mapping reports, social mapping poster and videos go to: OPSEU Social Mapping Achievements.