Group of people holding up save public healthcare signs

Ontarians are struggling to make ends meet. Grocery prices are skyrocketing; gas prices are high; rent is unaffordable – forget a mortgage.

Ontarians can’t afford additional medical costs that could tip them into bankruptcy, like so many of our neighbours to the south.

Ontario’s healthcare system is in crisis because of extreme short-staffing and underfunding. But Ford’s plan to increase the use of private clinics won’t make things better.

It will make healthcare less accessible and less affordable; it will make wait times even longer. It will pull staff and funding away from the public healthcare system and into corporate profits.

Upselling by these corporations will mean higher costs, and less access for those who can’t afford to pay.

Enough is enough.

Frontline workers know what we need to fix this crisis – more staff and resources in our public healthcare system; not less. 

Keeping healthcare public must be the goal – not just one in a series of options – because it’s centred on the profoundly important principles of equality and accessibility. It ensures equal access to care, regardless of income status.

All lives that can be saved are worth the cost, and all workers who give their time, energy and expertise to save lives are worth the cost.

We cannot sit passively on the sidelines – we must fight to save public healthcare!

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A message to the Prime Minister, Premier, and health ministers:

Keep health care public - Accessible, well-funded, with good jobs and high-quality care


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:
Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos:
Premier Doug Ford:
Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones:

Keep health care public – Accessible, well-funded, with good jobs and high-quality care

Dear Prime Minister, Premier, and health ministers:

As you are aware, Canada’s health care system is in crisis.

This became even more evident during the pandemic. Hallways were overcrowded with patients, Intensive Care Units were full to capacity and many lost their lives in long-term care homes. Across the country hospital emergency rooms closed due to staffing shortages.

Now, a renewed push by provinces to privatize hospital services is threatening to worsen the crisis by pulling even more staff out of the public system, and putting patients’ access to care at risk – especially vulnerable communities.

Keeping health care public must be the goal. Public health care is centred on the profoundly important principle of equality and accessibility. That commitment to equality is what makes these public systems superior to any other, and worth fighting for.

As you head into the First Ministers’ meeting the message from Canadians is clear: resolving the crisis requires everyone to step up and put people over profits.

You can strengthen our health care system:

  • Increase federal transfer funding to provinces and territories, with accountability measures to ensure all funding for health care is invested in public, not-for-profit delivery, and to ensure adherence to the Canada Health Act.
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy to retain and recruit healthcare workers and end the staffing crisis. 
  • Ensure funding is appropriately allocated and committed to fulfill the promises of creating national Pharmacare and dental programs.
  • Phase out for-profit long-term care homes and transition toward community-based, publicly owned or non-profit homes.

I stand with frontline health care workers calling on you to support these demands. Canadians are relying on your leadership to negotiate this agreement.

The time to act is now.

Canadians deserve a high-quality health care system that is accessible, well-funded and adequately staffed.

I wish you a productive meeting and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Globe and Mail exposes government consideration of paid blood donation

Save our voluntary blood system!

Following efforts from OPSEU/SEFPO’s No Paid Plasma campaign partner, BloodWatch, to unearth information about the undisclosed agreement between Canadian Blood Services and the pharmaceutical giant Grifols, the Globe and Mail has written a piece confirming that the Ontario government considered lifting a ban on paid blood donation. Read the full article on the Globe and Mail website.

Send a message to the CBS Board and Canada’s Health Ministers to keep our national blood collection system voluntary and public.

Stop for-profit plasma collection now!