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It is quite clear that the launch of SAMS has been a nightmare for both OPSEU members and recipients of social assistance. Since the implementation of SAMS on November 12, the number of problems with the program has increased by the day and productivity within ODSP and OW offices has ground to a halt as staff attempt to navigate these issues. Despite constant technical issues and functionality problems, the Minister of Community and Social Services continues to report that the “core system” is working well. Moreover, the minister has publically stated that she is confident in the results of the first monthly pay-runs despite thousands of clients being overpaid, underpaid, or not paid at all.


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In light of this, OPSEU has put together a brief survey to gather information from SAMS users to assess the impact the program is having on OPSEU members and the clients they serve.

The information you provide will be invaluable and allow OPSEU to address the government’s misinformation more definitively.

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