Workers at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton need your help to end the strike

Local 316 members rally
Staff at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton (CLCB) do vital work for the communities of Campbellford, Brighton, and the surrounding area. We support 140 individuals with intellectual disabilities, and we love our jobs. But our employer refuses to acknowledge the value of our work, and is trying to force us into taking a deal that endangers us and the people we support. Now we’re on strike, and we need your help. How you can support workers at CLCB:
  1. Email Executive Director Nancy Brown at
  2. Use the hashtag #fairnessforCLCB on social media, and tweet at CLCB at @CLCfordBrighton.
Please help us by telling CLCB management that we deserve:
  • The right to refuse using our personal vehicles for work. When we are forced to drive our personal vehicles, we foot the bill, and we take on the liabilities. This also puts the people we support at risk.
  • Decent wages. Our work helps hundreds of families and individuals who need it. It’s time the employer acknowledges that by raising our wages before hiring more management.

Nancy Brown, please give your employees a fair deal now.

The following link will open your email program with a message to Nancy Brown. You can add your full name, phone number and customize the message.

Email Nancy now

Sample email 

If your email program does not link to your browser, you can send the following email to

Subject line: Nancy Brown, please give your employees a fair deal now​

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am writing to ask that you give the workers in OPSEU Local 316 working at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton a fair deal now.

Please offer them a fair deal that respects their work, and respects them as workers.

They want to get back to doing their jobs. Please let them do that.
Thank you.