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CAAT Support Report Newsletter – Issue 6 – February 2014

Local demand set finished; time now to prioritize your issues Local demand setting has been completed at almost all 24 colleges. It’s now time for you to help set the overall priorities that your team will take into bargaining our new contract. The bargaining team met in early February to organize the demands submitted and……

Aboriginal Circle supports October 4th Sisters-in-Spirit Vigils

Each year, family members, Aboriginal community members, and concerned citizens gather for a vigil on October 4th on Parliament Hill to honour the growing number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. Vigils take place in many communities across Canada as well as internationally. These gatherings serve to raise awareness and provide support to……

It’s all about blood safety

The 1980s tainted blood scandal was the worst public health disaster in Canadian history and the Canadian Blood Service (CBS) workers do not want it to happen again. The CBS appears to be intent on bringing on a part-time casual workforce. The employer is demanding concessions at the bargaining table that will dismantle the professional work force. Learn more……

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