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We the North

All Liquor Board Employees; Bob Peter, President and CEO of the LCBO, sent an announcement to our members on February 13, 2012 stating that Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance, was directing the LCBO to sell its head office property, including the Toronto warehouse and Queens Quay liquor store (Store 217). According to the letter, the……

We the North

Tim Hudak"s plan to privatize the Liquor Control Board of Ontario could destroy as many as 10,000 jobs across the province, says the president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. And women — who make up the majority of employees at the LCBO — could be hit hardest by the job losses that will……

We the North

TRENTON – At a time when the Ontario government insists that dwindling revenues have forced it to adopt austerity measures, an all-party legislative committee has been told that the LCBO could dramatically increase its dividend to the provincial treasury by repatriating privately-owned and operated agency stores. Members of the legislative committee on government agencies learned……

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