We Own It is building a bigger tent


Dear friends,

It isn't every day that an issue comes along with the power to unite communities across the province.

I'm talking about the Ontario government's plan to quietly auction off public assets and services we all depend on, like highways, hospitals and hydro.

Our mobilizers heard from dozens of diverse communities across Ontario that are fighting to take back public services and stop private interests from creeping even further into their own backyards.

And you know what's incredible? They all want to do it under the We Own It campaign banner.

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Ask the folks in Scarborough and Durham who are fighting to stop a series of major hospital mergers from being pushed through by the Ontario Health Minister. Or talk to the people in Hamilton who saved $5.5 million by taking wastewater treatment out of the hands of private companies.

And the college faculty members who say McDonald's is taking over the college curriculum? Families fighting to slow skyrocketing hydro rates? Don't even get me started.

To bring everyone together, we'll need to build a bigger tent. We'll also need a common language-a language that's visible, that's visual, and that's memorable, across an entire grassroots movement of diverse communities in Ontario and beyond.

That's why I'm pleased to introduce new branding for the We Own It campaign. It's a big tent. It welcomes everybody in, and it's been rigorously tested with our members and the public.

Thanks for your support so far in this campaign. Please visit WeOwnIt.ca, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and join the movement to save public services in Ontario. 

In solidarity,

Warren "Smokey" Thomas,
President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

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