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OPSEU Solidarity Funds

In 2004, the OPSEU Executive Board approved the setting up of two distinct solidarity funds – The Live and Let Live Fund and The Social Justice Fund.

Live and Let Live Fund

(charitable tax) is dedicated to exclusively support organizations that are actively involved in combatting HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa and Ontario.

Social Justice Fund

is dedicated to build linkages with communities in developing countries and to fund projects that support trade unions, community groups, indigenous rights, and women’s rights with a focus on: education, health, water, fighting poverty and strengthening civil  society in communities in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

The by-laws of each of these funds are available here:PDF iconBylaws: Social Justice fundPDF iconBylaws: Live and Let Live Fund

Meet the Solidarity Fund Board Committee

Solidarity Fund Board Committee

Social Justice Fund Application

The OPSEU Social Justice Fund supports organizations fighting for human, economic, labour and political rights. The Social Justice Board uses the following criteria to prioritize funding proposals.

Solidarity Resources

Annual Solidarity Funds Report

To download report click here PDF icon2016 Annual Solidarity Funds Report.

Soldarity Funds power point presentation

If you would like to organize a presentation on the OPSEU Solidarity funds in your Local, please contact Tim Vining at
FileDownload the PowerPoint Presentation .ppt

Free Trade Agreements 101

International Solidarity News and Events

November 16, 2012
President Warren (Smokey) Thomas, urges members to make a charitable donation to OPSEU's Live and Let Live Fund to mark upcoming World AIDS day.  OPSEU is a proud supporter of the Stephen Lewis Fou
June 19, 2012
In December, the OPSEU Social Justice Fund voted to give $7500 to the Umdoni and Vulamehlo HIV AIDS Association in Southern Africa and asked for more member support.
December 1, 2011
OPSEU Social Justice Fund could only contribute $7,500 from its annual budget to the Umdoni &Vulamehlo HIV/AIDS Association (UHVAA) this year.