Rally for Decent Work Saturday, October 1


OPSEU Supports the Fight for $15 & Fairness

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour is reviewing the laws that govern our workplaces. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win real improvements for all workers, whether they have a union or not.

Join OPSEU, the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Fight for $15 & Fairness on Oct. 1 to rally for decent work for all.

Stronger minimum employment standards for ALL workers:

  • Rules that promote fulltime, permanent work
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Fair scheduling
  • At least three weeks paid vacation
  • Paid sick days with no requirement for medical notes
  • Hold employers responsible for wages and working conditions even if they use temp agencies and sub-contractors
  • An end to contract flipping
  • Proactive enforcement of the law

Rules that make it easier to join and keep a union:

  • A return of card-check certification to prevent intimidation
  • Access to first contract arbitration to stop union busting
  • Successor rights for workers employed by subcontractors
  • An anti-scab law to stop strike breaking

Rules to protect vulnerable & precarious workers

  • Stronger protections for workers who stand up for their rights
  • Protection from unjust dismissal
  • An end to workplace harassment and bullying

A $15 Minimum Wage

No worker with a full-time job should live in poverty. It’s time to raise
Ontario’s minimum wage to $15 an hour!

Want to join us at the rally? Get on the bus! Contact your OPSEU executive board members or local labour council for information

Saturday, October 1
Queen’s Park, 1 P.M.

Join us for this family-friends rally with music, activities, special guests, and more!

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