Part-Time College Workers #SignUp with OPSEU

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 10:00am


So you’re working part time at the local college… but you don’t have the SAME protection that full time workers do...

Have you ever asked yourself…Why does the college pay me less than someone that does the same job as me? You shouldn’t be paid less.  OPSEU will help you negotiate EQUAL pay for EQUAL work.

Maybe you’ve thought…Why don’t I get any vacation time after so many years of working here part time? We all deserve a break from time to time… when you join OPSEU you can negotiate for the paid vacation days you’ve always wanted.

Or have you ever asked yourself…We all get sick from time to time.  Why don’t I get any sick days and health protection benefits?  Joining OPSEU will help you negotiate health and sick benefits, so you don’t have to worry about losing money when you’re sick.

So you’ve been doing this part time job for years, will they ever hire you to work full-time?  It’s about time your experience counts when it comes to applying for full time jobs.

Maybe you’ve been wondering… Why do my shifts change every week and why am I doing extra work without getting paid? You should have job stability, so you can plan your life. 

Maybe you’ve heard that part-time university workers get tuition help? If you get together with other part-time workers, you can negotiate tuition reductions, transportation subsidies and other benefits.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself….why haven’t I joined OPSEU yet?

Unionized workplaces allow employees to speak out on a variety of issues on the job without fear of termination. The first step to a safer and healthier workplace is joining OPSEU.  

The decision to join OPSEU is yours and yours only.  We will keep your application as private and confidential. Sign Up now!