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July 9, 2009
CSD agreement now in place
July 2, 2009
BROCKVILLE – The closure of 90 beds at Brockville Mental Health Centre and the resulting layoff of over 240 mental health workers is a stunning blo
July 1, 2009
Information Meeting Schedule  
June 30, 2009
Ratification vote set for July 13-14 Team asks for an enthusiastic YES!
June 25, 2009
Better jobs: This new tentative agreement is a winner for all of us Dear brothers and sisters,
June 23, 2009
TORONTO – The Ontario Public Service Employees Union and the LCBO have agreed to an extension on the strike deadline that had been set for 12:01 a.
June 19, 2009
Strike deadline looms:Will Dalton McGuinty spend $5 million a day to prevent good jobs?