Young worker? Sign up now for intensive health and safety training, March 22-28

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OPSEU/SEFPO’s Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYC) is seeking eight young workers aged 35 or younger to attend a virtual Health and Safety Training.  One additional member from each Region (two additional members from Region 7) will join the committee for the training at no cost.

The complete training is split between two weeks: March 22, 25 and 26, 2024, and March 27 to 28, 2024. You are expected to attend both weeks.  Time off letters will be provided to your employer. No other expenses will be covered.

The application deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Apply now!

Offering this training will ensure young workers have the skills and resources required to support members across all sectors. We need to ensure that young workers are protecting themselves and their peers in the workplace.

Benefits of quality health and safety training for young workers:

  • As well as meeting legal workplace training obligations, effective health and safety training can help improve working conditions. It can help:
  • Workplace parties understand and carry out their legal rights and duties.
  • Support the effectiveness of joint health and safety committees and representatives.
  • Ensure worker and supervisor competency.
  • Bolster overall workplace prevention programs.
  • Reduce work-related injury, illness, and death by identifying and controlling workplace hazards.

What this quality training looks like:

All Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC) courses, whether delivered virtually or in-person, are led by highly qualified and experienced instructors helping to ensure critical learning is achieved. All courses are delivered using adult education techniques where highly interactive sessions ensure participants build upon their collective experiences of the workplace to devise real-world strategies for safer, healthier work.

Members must be aged 35 or younger to apply. If interested, please complete the form below to be added to the draw. If you are unsure of your local number, please contact 1.800.268.7376 for assistance.

Please submit your interest no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, March 3, 2024. If you have any questions for the PYC, please submit them to

Apply now for Mar 22-28 health and safety training

Please contact 1-800-268-7376 if you are unsure of your local number. Veuillez faire le 1 800 268-7376 si vous ne savez pas le numéro de votre section locale.