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Wynne backs Thomas on pot sales in LCBO


(TORONTO) – OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says Premier Kathleen Wynne is doing the right thing by limiting marijuana sales to the LCBO if the federal government makes them legal. Wynne echoes a recommendation that Thomas made three weeks ago.

“Marijuana must be a controlled substance, and no one has more experience retailing controlled substances than the workers at the LCBO,” Thomas said on November 21. “If legalization goes ahead, there needs to be a strong regulatory framework in place, including minimum age limits, a ban on marketing, and a plan to prevent cannabis-impaired driving.”

Yesterday, Wynne said that “the liquor distribution mechanism that we have in place at the LCBO is very well suited to putting in place the social responsibility aspects that would need to be in place.”

Thomas was encouraged to hear Wynne say the LCBO was the most appropriate, most responsible agent for marijuana distribution – with the track record to prove it.

“It’s great that the Premier agrees the LCBO should assume any future marijuana sales. But that’s just one of many important issue we’re facing. OPSEU speaks for thousands of working people. These are frontline workers with direct knowledge of the public policy issues that matter most to Ontarians, from home care to correctional services.

“Taking some advice from OPSEU members could help lift her out of the dark, undemocratic hole she’s dug for herself by only listening to Ed Clark.”

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