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Workers at ParaMed Home Health Care Barrie vote to join OPSEU

OPSEU Community Health Care Professionals

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is offering congratulations and a warm welcome to over 100 Personal Support Workers, Developmental Support Workers and Home Support Workers at ParaMed Home Health Care Barrie who are the union’s newest members. 

“Our members provide vital care to thousands of people across Simcoe County,” said Thomas. “OPSEU’s entire Executive Board and I couldn’t be more proud that they’ve voted to join us.

“Together, we’ll help improve their working conditions, which will allow them to provide even better and more stable care to the people who depend on them.”

The ParaMed Home Health Care Barrie workers decided to join OPSEU for a variety of reasons, including their desire to stop favouratism and bring fairness to their scheduling and pay.

“Our members at Para Med Home Health Care want what we all want: a level playing field and a fair shot at success,” said OPSEU First Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida. “The best shifts and the best rates of travel pay shouldn’t just go to the managers’ favourites. That’s a recipe for low morale and low productivity.

“When workers don’t feel empowered to speak up about problems in the workplace because they’re afraid of losing favour, the service suffers and the patients end up paying the price.”

OPSEU’s Community Health Care Professionals Sector Chair, Lucy Morton, told the new members she’ll be paying close attention as they begin bargaining their first collective agreement. 

“You’ll see immediate improvements in your work lives because of your decision to join a strong, democratic union like OPSEU,” said Morton. “And the benefits won’t stop there. You’re not just workers anymore, you’re now part of the trade union movement.

“As we stand together, we’ll make health care and public services better for all.”