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Workers at Associated Youth Services of Peel say ‘yes’ to OPSEU

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Peel Region – The Ontario Public Service Employees Union grew by 101 members on Wednesday after workers at Associated Youth Services of Peel (AYSP) voted in favour of joining the union. 

Workers at AYSP have not received wage increases in nearly 20 years, and face heavy workloads because management has refused to fill job vacancies, OPSEU learned during the organizing drive.

Deb Gordon, OPSEU Community Services Divisional Council chair, was delighted to hear of the union’s newest members.

“The message members of OPSEU's Child Treatment sector have consistently tried to convey to the public and government through our ‘Kids Matter’ campaign is that kids need stability and help they can count on.

“I think people in this sector organize because they understand that their ability to provide that stability and 'be there' for kids is tied to working conditions that also support these values,” she said. “It can be a win-win.”

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said workers at ASYP made the right decision when they unionized.

“I’m so pleased that the workers at AYSP collectively decided to unionize, and that they chose us,” he said. “Social services are ground zero for Liberal cuts and privatization in this province, so it’s more necessary than ever that workers come together, because together, they really can fight and win.

“Welcome to the good fight, workers at AYSP.”  

Workers at AYSP support children, youth, and families who have mental health issues and/or are involved in the justice system.

For more information: Deb Gordon, 519-520-2491

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