Sector 9-Universities

With no deal yet, Unit 1 to meet with YUELI on Nov.23


In wake of numerous protracted days of bargaining this past summer, OPSEU’s Unit 1 Bargaining Team will meet with the Management of York University’s English Language Institute (YUELI) at York University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) on Nov. 23 and 26, 2015.

The goal of the meetings is to conclude the latest round of collective bargaining negotiations.

Unit 1 bargained for several days in August 2015 but was unable to reach an agreement. OPSEU Unit 1 represents permanent Instructors at YUELI.  Management was unwilling to recognize the professionalism of YUELI Unit 1 Instructors while failing to address the changing needs of both the unit and the organization.

A key issue holding up a deal is cost-neutral and risk-free which will only afford greater efficiency to the staff at YUELI and SCS.  The Employer has consistently required annual observations with long-service Unit 1 Instructors. This process is both unnecessary and cumbersome and denies these Instructors their long-overdue professional recognition. Many of these Instructors have high student ratings and no performance issues.

Dayna Aguilera, OPSEU Local 578 YUELI Unit Steward and Bargaining Chair, felt that meeting the bargaining unit on these key issues would increase Instructor morale and management efficiency, while reducing program costs. “Management’s response gives the impression that Instructors should trust them,” said Ms. Aguilera.

“Regrettably, this hasn’t worked following the last three collective agreements, resulting in the current standstill in bargaining. With the many changes at YUELI, one additional and needed change is management’s demonstrated willingness to acknowledge its Instructors’ professionalism and their legitimate status.”

“All the proposals have now been tabled,” discussed Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, OPSEU, “It’s high time the Employer saw the light and negotiated in good faith to address the concerns of York’s English Language professional and dedicated staff. Let’s get this settled so management and Instructors can focus on providing the excellent quality of instruction for which York is renowned.”

For more information:
Bernard King
Staff Representative Negotiator, Region 5
416-443-8888, ext. 2482