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Why Vote YES to the OPS Strike Vote?

Your OPS Bargaining Teams are asking for a strong strike mandate to force the employer to table a better opening position for your new contract. Currently, the offer will allow for more layoffs, easier methods to privatize and outsource public services, and cost those members who are left thousands of dollars in wage and benefit cuts.

These changes will affect ALL OPS employees…newer employees who hope to stay in the OPS, seasoned employees who have invested their lives in their career, and those close to retirement who want to retire in comfort and dignity.

Why should YOU vote yes for the strike mandate?

  • You will never recover the wages lost through additional wage freezes
  • Two-tiered wage bargaining affects everyone
  • The new 12-step wage grid affects anyone who isn’t at the top of their grid, meaning it will take longer to reach maximum salary
  • Changes to shift schedule notice means you can’t plan your life
  • New job posting language will allow for management favouritism
  • Additional drug payments could cost you hundreds of dollars per year
  • WSIB concessions will take 15 per cent of your wages out of your pocket when you are hurt at work
  • New sick plan (ASMPP) will give the employer the ability to terminate employees with serious illnesses
  • LTIP concessions will force you back to work even if not ready to
  • Fewer weeks of eligible termination pay means you will lose thousands of dollars upon retirement

Every OPS employee has a stake in this contract. Whether it affects you now, affects you soon or affects you 20 years from now, the damage cannot be undone.

On Dec 3-5, give your OPS Bargaining Teams the power at the table to fight for you, your job and your future. You hold the power in your hands.

Download the Flyer here

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