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Where do contract demands come from?


The short answer is that they come from the faculty members – professors, instructors, counsellors and librarians.

Here’s how it works:

Before the contract expires, the union asks members what they would like to see changed in the next contract.

The Local Demand-set Meeting

To gather member responses, each college union local has a meeting where any member can move almost any change to the contract. (Pensions and changes to legislation are not negotiable, but everything else is.)

A member can propose changes to basics such as workload, salary, benefits, and working conditions; more limited items such as moving allowance or grievance rights; or areas not yet covered in the contract. Members at the local meeting vote on the proposals brought forward by their colleagues. Demands that receive majority support are forwarded to the provincial demand setting meeting.

The Provincial Demand-set Meeting

At the provincial meeting, delegates from every college can propose only demands that passed at a local meeting; no new demands are permitted. Provincial delegates vote on proposals that are properly moved and seconded. Only those demands receiving majority support at the provincial meeting can be included in the union’s demands in negotiations. Neither the union centrally nor the bargaining team is permitted to introduce demands of their own.

The role of the bargaining team

The role and responsibility of the bargaining team – the seven faculty members elected by their colleagues – is to advance the demands they have been given and try to achieve them. While not all demands will be successfully met in the course of bargaining, the team works to ensure identified priorities are addressed.

Ratification vote

The final say belongs to the members; just as they began the bargaining process, they also end it. A contract becomes final only when members have voted to accept it.

For more information on when your Local Demand-set meeting will be held, contact your Local union representative.

The Provincial Demand-set meeting will be held from March 31st to April 1st, 2012.

Your bargaining team:

  • Carolyn Gaunt, Cambrian College (Co-Chair)
  • Ted Montgomery, Seneca College (Co-Chair)
  • Rod Bain, Algonquin College
  • Gary Bonczak, Fleming College
  • Benoit Dupuis, Collége La Cité
  • Lynn Dee Eason, Sault College
  • JP Hornick, George Brown College

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