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What you get with OPTrust: Top-notch investors

James Davis, the Chief Investment Officer of OPSEU Pension Trust, has been nominated for a leadership award for pension investing by the Canadian Investment Review.

“Throughout the pandemic, OPTrust has significantly outperformed its reference portfolio and continues to be fully funded.”

“At OPTrust, Davis has led the development and implementation of a member-driven investment strategy, which is a form of liability-driven investing. The MDI strategy has been instrumental during the extreme volatility caused by the coronavirus crisis.”

That’s the kind of outstanding performance that gets OPTrust recognized as one of the best pension plans in the world by industry leaders.

That’s the pension plan that Corrections workers have right now with OPSEU/SEFPO.

Compare that with the pension CSN wants you to have: an underfunded plan that pays you less in retirement, and is completely controlled by the employer.

The choice is clear. The best pension plan for Corrections workers is OPTrust.

And the best union for Corrections workers is OPSEU/SEFPO.