We wish you a very Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year!


This past year has been full of challenges and trying times. But every time there was a call for solidarity, you showed up! And that gives us profound hope for the future. Without you, none of what we accomplished in 2023 would have been possible.

It bears repeating; united we cannot be defeated.

While this is a wonderful time of year for many, it can be quite difficult and isolating. To those of you who are struggling, we wish you love and peace.

This time of year is also a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come in 2023, and to think about where we are going, as we pursue a future with hope for a world in which we’re not just surviving, but thriving.

May your new year be filled with all that you deserve and may it be sprinkled with love and friendship. Happy Holidays!

JP Hornick and Laurie Nancekivell

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