We Own It! video challenges privatization

We Own It!

OPSEU has released a short video about We Own It!, the union's long-term campaign to protect Ontario's public services from privatization.

Passed during OPSEU's Convention in April 2016, the campaign aims to "fight privatization in this province by shifting public opinion and ensuring that no party that supports privatization can get elected in Ontario."

Some 31 OPSEU members are working full-time on the campaign, organizing opposition to privatization in communities across the province.

"Premier Kathleen Wynne sides with her key advisors,who are unelected millionaires. They say, 'Move faster to privatize public assets,'" says OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas in the video. "It's affecting everyone in this province. Higher utility bills. Less transparency. Reduced services, and billions wasted in scandals.

"When we say 'We Own It,' it means Ontarians have a voice and we will use it. Join us today."

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