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Waypoint workers ‘fearing for their lives’

In an in-depth report, The Midland Mirror spells out the terrible consequences of the dangerous conditions that OPSEU members face working at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care.

“You can’t drag somebody out of their room, fight them, jab a needle in them, and then try and provide passionate nursing care the next day,” said Waypoint staff member Steven Whearty, who is currently off work and suffering PTSD because of the work he had to do.

“It put a target on my back.”

The President of OPSEU Local 329, which represents Waypoint workers, said that Whearty’s experience isn’t rare.

“We have been trained as caregivers. We’re not trained as security guards,” said Pete Sheehan. “If management hired security, our members wouldn’t have to go to work fearing for their lives.”