‘Virtual’ Convention speeches from OPSEU’s 7 RVPs

Laptop open to screen "Then. Now. Always" Empty seats sitting on keyboard

Today, May 23, would have been the final day of OPSEU Convention 2020.

On April 6, OPSEU’s Executive Board made the difficult decision to postpone because of the pandemic.

As part of an effort to fulfill obligations to provide open and transparent reporting of OPSEU business, President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and First Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida invited the union’s seven Regional Vice-Presidents (RVPs) to provide short statements about the state of the union in each of their regions.

This video also includes a short segment on the exciting and innovative approach OPSEU is taking to help workers join a union during the pandemic.

Agenda for this video presentation:

  • Introduction by President Thomas: 0:00
  • Region 1 RVP Laurie Nancekivell: 1:27
  • Region 2 RVP Lucy Morton and Region 2 EBM Drew Finucane: 5:34
  • Region 3 RVP Sara Labelle: 10:32
  • Region 4 RVP Tara Langford: 22:06
  • Region 5 RVP Edie Strachan: 28:10
  • Region 6 RVP Tara Maszczakiewicz: 30:56
  • Region 7 RVP Ed Arvelin: 36:59
  • Pandemic doesn’t stop OPSEU’s organizing: 42:18
  • Closing remarks by First Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida: 44:05
  • Closing remarks by President Thomas: 44:59