OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

Update on LBED casual availability changes

OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division - SEFPO Division des employes de la regie des alcools

The following message was sent to all members of the Liquor Board Employees Division Friday afternoon:

It has come to the attention of the union that casual Customer Service Representatives are being asked to sign new availability forms that change their required availability on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We understand that this new requirement by the employer is creating difficulties for many members, in particular those with family and care responsibilities, or those who have other part-time jobs to supplement the limited number of hours that they receive from the LCBO who will not guarantee hours of work for casuals.

Unfortunately, it is becoming abundantly clear that the LCBO is not interested in building a positive work environment or a healthy relationship with OPSEU and LBED members. Instead, we are seeing senior management continue with a series of actions that only lead to additional conflict. It is our view that the action that the employer has taken is a violation of the freeze provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

The union is currently compiling evidence and working to determine the best mechanism to challenge these actions by the employer. In the meantime, we want to ensure that no members are disciplined or terminated as a result of these changes. Therefore, we are advising members to sign the new availability form if threatened with discipline for not complying with the direction given by your managers and to sign the form adding that you are signing under duress.  Further, members should submit the forms with their previously existing availability and if denied a grievance should be immediately submitted.  In addition, if scheduled to work during the new required availability hours, we are advising members to comply with the new requirements for availability until such time that we have had an opportunity to challenge management's actions.

Any members wishing to submit documentation (i.e availability forms, approved leaves for weekends, etc) around the change in availability can send them to Steve Nield at snield@opseu.org.

If you have additional questions on this matter, or on other matters related to bargaining, please email LBEDbargaining@opseu.org.

In solidarity,

Denise Davis
Chair, Liquor Board Employees Division