Union leaders unite to call for a new Toronto mayor for everybody – not just a few


Union leaders from OPSEU/SEFPO, CUPE Ontario,  Elementary Teachers of Toronto and ATU Canada published an op-ed together in the Toronto Star today calling for a new mayor for Toronto who can reverse the disrepair caused by John Tory and his allies and put the needs of people at the centre of policy.

The shared vision by the leaders who represent the workers of Toronto, calls for a mayor who can address the issues that plague the city – including a lack of affordable housing, income inequality, systemic racism, crumbling infrastructure and services, climate change and public safety – and build a united Toronto, rooted in communities and neighbourhoods.

We need a mayor who will tell it like it is, fix what’s broken, and unlock Toronto’s full potential. The next mayor must be someone capable of marrying their strength, experience, and knowledge into a political strategy that builds relationships with all levels of government, community, industry, and the people of Toronto. Someone with a deep commitment to connecting us — across neighbourhoods, political stripes, income, and background.

They must see labour and workers as true allies — Toronto is a workers’ town!