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Two Timmins movie screenings draw criticism of Hudak




Local 649 in Timmins hosted a special movie pizza lunch event on Wednesday, October 16.  More than 55 members watched Made in the USA — the movie, and then participated in an inspiring discussion, expressing shock and disbelief at Tim Hudak's plans for Ontario.  Attendees included OPSEU RVP Jeff Arbus and Local 649 President John Berry, who helped to organize both of the day's movie events.

A second screening of Made in the USA was held that same evening in Timmins, this time hosted by OPSEU and the Timmins and District Labour Council. The VP of the undefinedLabour Council attended this event, as did all three Region 6 Executive Board Members RVP Jeff Arbus, Felicia Fahey and Mike Bisaillon; a representative of MPP Gilles Bisson's office; John Berry; OPSEU staff member Doug Heath and many OPSEU activists. Representatives from other unions including COPE, Unifor and teachers unions also attended.

The discussion following the movie screening was lively and continued well past the anticipated end time.  "There was a high level of interest at this event, and lots of shock and surprise regarding the potential impact of Hudak's plans," said Jeff Arbus.

"This movie really opened our eyes," said John Berry. "The discussion that followed was also interesting. Brother Doug Heath talked about when his dad was a union representative and a miner here in Timmins. He would stand outside the gates at the mine and collect dues and stamp dues books as miners arrived for work. That's an important part of our labour history."


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