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Together, we’ll elect a good boss this June


Dear friends,

There are a lot of great things about working in the public sector. But here’s one of my favorites: every few years, we get a chance to elect a good boss. We get that chance again on June 7, when Ontarians are scheduled to go to the polls.

Soon, I’ll be sending an email to all OPSEU members, asking for your help as we work together towards that election. Please watch for it and respond, because the payoff could be huge:

  • A good boss who values us and the work we do.
  • A good boss who won’t contract our work out to an uncaring and unreliable multinational like Carillion.
  • A good boss who understands that by investing in us and the work we do, our communities are made healthier, safer, and more prosperous for all.

But how do we tell which of the potential bosses are good? How do we know which of the candidates will stand up for public services, and which of the candidates will knock them down?

Here at OPSEU, the We Own It campaign is working hard to help you figure that out. 

We launched the campaign with the goal of making public services and privatization a major issue in this provincial election. It’s working.  More than 50,000 have joined the campaign, and public opinion research shows that more than two-thirds of Ontarians now prefer public services to privatization.

The next step is to figure out which of the candidates agree with us, and which of the candidates don’t.

To do that, we’ll soon be launching what we’re calling “The We Own It Report.” It’s going to be a comprehensive report card showing where each candidate in every riding stands on privatization.

As we draw closer to the election, we’ll be asking for your help to make sure all of the candidates in your riding look at the survey and fill it out.

But where we’ll really need your help is once the report is finished. We’ll want you and your co-workers to use it to help you decide on which boss you’ll vote for. It’s a safe bet that if a candidate is in favour of privatization, they’re going to be a bad boss.

And remember: a bad boss isn’t just bad for you and your co-workers. A bad boss is bad for the services you provide, your family, your community, and all of Ontario.

So this year, let’s make sure we elect a good boss instead.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union