To all the workers on the front lines: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you to the Front Lines: #OntarioStrong

In the face of COVID-19, we are strong. We are OPSEU strong. And we are Ontario strong. 

We have a simple message to each and every worker who continues to do critical work – in both the public and private sector – thank you.

Thank you for every sacrifice you’re making and every risk you’re taking in these difficult times.

As we grapple with the deadly pandemic unfolding before our eyes, we’re all feeling a strong mix of anxiety, fear, disorientation and maybe even panic.

But we’re feeling other strong emotions, too:

Pride. Admiration. Awe. And even hope.

Those emotions are all inspired by you.

With each passing day, we hear more and more stories about the incredible number of workers fighting through fear and anxiety to do the best job they can under difficult circumstances.

It’s in times of crisis that we’re reminded of what’s truly vital to the day-to-day lives of our families and our communities.

It’s not shopping stores and dining in restaurants (although we’re sure missing them).

It’s not bankers and bosses (though they do have a role to play).

What’s truly vital is you. 

We simply cannot do without the care and support that front-line public service and private sector workers are providing.  In every corner of this province, in every kind of workplace, you are doing everything you can to get us through this.

We want you to know that we and the entire Executive Board and all of OPSEU’s staff are doing everything we can to keep you as safe as possible as you put yourself at risk for all of us. We’ve set up regional triage teams and reassigned staff to keep a careful watch on your bosses, and we’re succeeding in getting action from them whenever it’s needed.

We’re in constant contact with the government and other employers, demanding they do all they can to keep you and all other front-line workers safe.

And we have to give credit where it’s due: most of them are responding to our demands as quickly as they can.

And the ones who don’t? We name them and shame them until they do the right thing and start treating you with the respect you deserve.

If there’s something wrong in your workplace, something more your bosses should be doing, get in touch with your steward or your Staff Rep.  We’re always available, we’re always listening, and we’re always fighting for you.

Because there’s nobody working harder than you to bring us safely through this pandemic.

You’re why Ontario is strong. You’re why OPSEU is strong. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
OPSEU President

Eduardo (Eddy) AlmeidaOPSEU
First Vice-President/Treasurer